Clinic C4 for terminal stage cancer patients. We might provide you with effective therapy even against multiple metastatic cancers, on terminal stage

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From first vist to completion of therapy

Consultations and therapies of our clinic are served on an appointment-in-advance basis. Even for your first visit, please book your visit by phone.

1. First Visit Reservation

For examination or consultation, please make reservation of your visit by phone.
Phone: +81-3-6407-9407
Reception Open: 9:00 – 17:30 (JST) from Monday to Friday
(Close on Saturday, Sunday)

* We will confirm available documents on your first call.
* Therapies of our clinic, except some follow-up treatments, are provided on a private practice basis.

2. Confirming your history of present illness

Please provide us previously with a recommendation letter, your history of present illness, results of pathological and/or blood examinations, images of examinations and description of treatments being dispensed to you. Based on the information provided, we will draw up the most suitable treatment policy at your first visit.

3. First Consultation

Our doctor confirms your documents and a nurse would have an interview to you. After that our doctor will have oral questions to you and examine treatment policy (with what equipment, to what part of your body, and what amount of radiation) for you, referring also to the information of results of various examinations. An examination by doctor takes, in general, 30 minutes. The whole time required for first consultation would be around 90 minutes.

We might need additional PET-CT or MRI examination in some cases.
※We would introduce institutions for PET-CT or MRI examinations, if our doctor assesses necessity for appropriate therapy of higher level of accuracy.

4. Determination of treatment policy

When new examination data are obtained, we ask for your revisit. Our doctor proposes and determines treatment policy, which would be the most suitable for you.

5. CT Scanning

For drawing up a therapy plan we execute CT scanning on you in an actual body position for therapy on your revisit or on other day so appointed. Our doctor explains therapy to be dispensed on you at the time. Actual therapy would start about a week after the CT scanning.

* Radiation Therapy Plan : Therapy plan is drawn up to determine the most appropriate ranges and directions before actual therapy. We use 3DCT for therapy plan. We may use cloth for exclusive use for purpose and equipment to fix your body position in our therapy planning room.

* We basically would not change therapy plan, such as adding radiation targets, after it once is drawn up. If you have questions and/or requests, please inform your doctor of them at this stage.

6. Therapy

Radiation Therapy would be practiced every day for 3 to 20 days, according to each therapy plan. One therapy generally takes 1 hour. During therapy being practiced, our doctor would have an examination once a week.

7. After completion of therapy

Effects of therapy would be assessed finally by PET-CT scanning after 3 or 4 month later.

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