Clinic C4 for terminal stage cancer patients. We might provide you with effective therapy even against multiple metastatic cancers, on terminal stage

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Outcomes of our therapy / Cases

Outcomes of our therapy / Cases

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Case List (by Primary Tumor)

Outcomes of our cancer therapy – overall -

Therapy of Clinic C4 can control many of cancers that are visible on PET-CT images. We can treat multiple metastatic stages and have achieved high level of effectiveness (at the same level of carbon-ion radiotherapy, if with radiosensitizer) with low level of exposure dose.

Our therapy can treat cancers even on a stage of "diagnosed as no more means". You could expect significant effects such as improvement of QOL brought by reduction of associated symptoms of cancer, obtained by refining cancer bearing capabilities, and decline of tumor marker/improvement of convalescence by reduction of absolute amount of tumor.

We have treated a large number of patients with cancers of various primary tumors and those that metastasized to various organs.
By our unique therapy local control rate (Control rate at irradiation site) of our clinic is around 89.8%.

Therapy Results from September 2015 to December 2019

Total Number of irradiations:534

Local Control Rate:89.8%

Therapy results by primary tumor

Therapy Results from May 2008 to August 2015

Total Number of irradiations:1335

Local Control Rate:80%

Therapy results by primary tumor
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